Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Not positive it will print correctly because I just screenshot a .pdf and cropped. Let me know if there's issues.

Flyer Delay

So my computer has been down for a while that has MS Office on it so I haven't been able to make a flyer. Feel free to come up with your own flier in the meantime as time is coming short. I am seeing if one of the other guys helping will be able to create one soon.

For now, this should help you spread the word via Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/events/1393296794220753/

*Sidenote* More sponsors are welcome! We don't have any bike shops on board yet! Contact me at nactionshane@gmail.com

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ride Updates

Here's a little more info for you as we get closer and the registrations start coming in! The camping fees are $12 a day for a tent site or $18 a night for electricity. There is fresh water, restrooms, and showers at the site. We are staying at the main camp, not the inlet. This is where the start and finish of the ride will be unless things change for some unforeseen reason. For more info, check the Nebraska Game and Parks website and you can call the number at Johnson's Lake if you need more details. You can also reserve some of the electrical sites.

There will be a shorter 50 mile route. If there is enough demand, we can support a 30 mile route as well but I haven't heard enough requests for one and those who don't want to do 50 can always go around the which a good portion is on trail now.

The century is going to be optionally competitive with prizes being donated! Anyone who completes the full century for the first time (last year completers not included) will receive a jersey! We're still working on the possible top 3 finisher prizes. I'm thinking special tshirts and allow anyone the option to order shirts after the ride. We really have no funds to work with so this makes having a bunch of tshirts on hand difficult. Sorry!

The post card registration is fun for me but I am planning on making a Facebook event page for another optional registration method. I do still prefer the post card because it gives me hard copies of everyone's basic information that will make it easier to keep track of everyone and try to make sure no one goes missing on the route as well as know that those who took the time to mail a postcard are hopefully planning to try hard to make it to the ride so seemingly helps logistics be a little more accurate.

I'll try to keep the updates coming! I think name-wise the ride will still be known as the 100 Meridian Hundred by popular demand but this year will be subtitled Fresh Water Century as it seems to me it needs a new theme it being at Johnson Lake. The halfway point should be near the 100 Meridian sign in Cozad though!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


August 16, 17 (the actual ride), 18

Alright... here she comes! In almost exactly two months we will be out there riding 100+ miles again. We are making a lot of changes though, but I believe they will make this ride even more epic! The one thing that remains the same is the route.

The starting and ending points will be at Johnsons Lake instead of Cozad. I want this to become the ultimate social century ride where everyone leaves with handfuls of new friends. We'll be utilizing the campgrounds there the night before and the night after. Of course everything is optional and you can hotel it in Lexington or Cozad if you prefer.

Johnsons Lake offers many features we will likely take full advantage of. They have the new bike trail around the lake that those searching for the shorter more leisure socialization will love. They have great food options: Medos, Lakeshore, Subway and the awesome Lucky Chucks a short distance in Eustis. We are hoping to be able to partner with Lakeshore and Lucky Chucks for something special if we have a large enough crowd expected to come.

This ride is going to be absolutely free. We aren't going to be asking for money for some cause this year. The help will be minimal and all volunteer. We are still hoping to have Culligans on board this year because they were the ultimate SAG. There will be one opportunity to win some loot which will cost some dough that will go into the pooled prize money and involves a post 100 mini fishing tournament if you do have that desire to put up some loot.

We'll be changing the name and the website hopefully shortly after our meeting on Friday. You can register starting NOW by sending a postcard to 207 E 15 St, Cozad, NE 69130. Just state the names of any participants who will be riding and the number of people total who will be coming to join us. This will help me talk Lakeshore and Lucky Chucks into doing something special with us.

There is a new email that I can be contacted most easily at so send away at any questions you have. More updates soon! Get those registrations coming! nactionshane@gmail.com

Here's the general itinerary:
August 16 - Set up camp. Start socializing. Possible special food event. Check in so we know if you go missing during the ride.
August 17 - Wake up, drink coffee, hit the road. Fishing tourney, possible food event.
August 18 - Wake up, pack up, head home. Remember, you don't have to stay both nights but you are encouraged to because it will be a goood time!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I don't know if the ride will happen this year. The plan was for me to spearhead the first ride and let the Cozad Chamber members pick it up and run with it. This doesn't appear to be happening. We might continue it with a low-key, grass roots, unsupported, socialbutalwaysendsupcompetitiveanyway kind of ride. No tshirts unless someone wants to design them on one of those online tshirt design/order places. Thoughts?

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Wow! 68 riders, a third of whom tackled and defeated the century to claim their Culligan jerseys! Awesome support by Culligan, help from the Cozad Chamber and Good Life Cycles (me), great breakfast by John Jordening, awesome photos from Paul Pack and Ryan and Leslie Trullinger, a mighty fine job on the t-shirts by Brooks Screenprinting, a few hiccups on my part but it mostly went GREAT! I want to thank everyone so much for participating in our first annual event! Everyone did a fantastically amazing job pushing themselves! Weather was awesome too!
I wanted to let you know that you put on a very fine event on the 18th. The route presented some fine challenges and excellent scenery. You, your help, and the city of Cozad were very gracious hosts. Your hospitality and that of the folks manning your SAG stations was greatly appreciated. My only regret is that I was unable to stay for post-ride festivities. Perhaps next year. Thank you much. Sincerely, Gary Monter
Check www.GoodLifeCycles.com/Facebook for links to many of the photos! We're already planning next years hoping to have some major sponsors for LOTS of prizes and giveaway goodies! Next year wouldn't be possible without all of you who came this year!
CROSSfire Photography

Ryan Trullinger

Friday, August 10, 2012

Route Maps

If you guys use MapMyRide at all, here are the routes. You can get them on your smart phone using the app even. I'll have some printouts that morning but they won't be anything too special so if you're more comfortable with your own cues, make away!

30 miler
50 miler
100 miler